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Cooking From Meal Boxes Can Reduce Household Food Waste

Meal boxes, also called meal kits, are pre-measured and portioned food packages that contain all the ingredients and instructions needed to prepare a specific meal. Recent research has shown that cooking from food containers can significantly reduce food waste in the home. 카지노사이트

According to a University of Michigan study, families who used lunch boxes generated 33% less food waste than those who bought ingredients at the grocery store. Additionally, households that cooked meals from cans produced 38% less waste than households that cooked from scratch.

The amount of food wasted by households each year was estimated at 570 million tons in 2019.

This is food that has been produced, packaged and transported to stores and homes to end up in the trash. Not only is food wasted, but the greenhouse gases released throughout the process from growing to packaging to transporting fruit. And veg in refrigerated trucks are an insane environmental burden. In landfills, food rots and releases highly toxic gases such as methane. Studies have shown that food waste is responsible for 6-8% of all greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Food waste not only wastes natural resources, money and effort, it also harms the environment. It is also ethically wrong to waste so much food when so many people are starving. It may come as a surprise that households waste so much food. Most people think that they waste very little and often minimize the consequences of food waste. But the amount of food going to landfill suggests we’re not very good at predicting how much food we’ll actually need to cook.

One way to reduce the risk of overcooking or buying too many ingredients is to cook from subscription meal boxes.

In a recent study, we tested whether cooking from packed lunches reduced food waste. Is it better to outsource some of the cooking process to a subscription that ships pre-portioned ingredients in the exact quantities needed for each recipe? Our research shows that the answer is yes. We found that, on average, households waste 38% less food when they prepare dinner with a lunch box compared to buying ingredients from the store. 온라인카지노사이트

This was mainly because there was less food in pots and pans after cooking with a food container.

Six Countries, 914 Kitchens, 8747 Meals

We surveyed 914 households from six countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands) who purchased a meal plan in November and December 2019.

Participants weighed the food they wasted preparing dinner and the uneaten leftovers in pots and plates after the meal. We measured the food waste of 8,747 meals, about a third of which were cooked with lunch boxes. We compared the food waste at these dinners to the food waste that occurs when people prepare a meal from scratch using store-bought ingredients.

Our results showed that the majority of food waste at lunchtime remains in pots and pans that are neither served nor eaten and instead thrown away.

Packed lunches reduced this type of waste by 34% compared to their store-bought counterparts. Packed lunches also reduced food waste during preparation by 45%. But increased the amount of food wasted as leftovers on plates by 15% compared to meals prepared with store-bought ingredients. This may be because these recipes include instructions on how to arrange the food on the plate. Which can lead people to split larger portions before serving.

By combining these three different types of food waste. Cooking from food containers reduced the amount of food wasted at dinner by more than a third compared to traditional meals. By providing people with ingredients that eat in proportion. To the number of people in their household, food delivery companies can offer a cost-effective way to reduce waste.

Even without having a subscription to a food supplier, our findings suggest that measuring and weighing the exact amount of ingredients you need before cooking is a great way to reduce the amount of food going to landfill be disposed of. 바카라사이트

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